Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN)

On 2nd February 2022 we learnt that Bristol Airport were successful in its appeal to expand. The fight continues.

Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN) is a coalition of groups and individuals working to oppose Bristol Airport’s expansion plans.

In 2019, Bristol Airport submitted plans to expand from 10 to 12 million passengers per year, with an extra 23,800 flights including 4,000 night flights.

Planning permission was refused by North Somerset Council in February 2020 – a decision ratified in March 2020. Later in the year, Bristol Airport announced that it would be appealing this decision and requested an inquiry, led by a planning inspector. BAAN became a Rule 6 party and was a significant contributor to the 10 week Inquiry which ended in October 2021

Supporters of our campaign were devastated to learn on 2nd February 2022 of the Inquiry decisions to uphold the Airport’s appeal. The fight continues

To access the latest information following the Bristol Airport Inquiry result please go to our updates page.

We are continuing the fight to stop:

✈️ 23,800 flights and two million passengers a year

✈️ 10,000 car movements a day

✈️ one million tonnes of carbon emitted a year

Our position is that this airport expansion (and others that are planned across the UK) is not legally compliant with the Climate Change Act, The Paris Agreement and the Government’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050 and MUST BE STOPPED. To this end BAAN has decided on the advice of its legal team to launch a challenge of the Inquiry result with a Statutory Appeal under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

The fight continues.

Join us and let’s Say No To Airport Expansion together!

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