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Welcome to the media pack for the forthcoming Bristol Airport Inquiry which has been put together by Bristol Airport Action Network.  BAAN have been accepted as a ‘Rule 6’ party so are an integral part of the  Inquiry proceedings and have the opportunity to present evidence against the Airport’s appeal as well as cross examine the Airport’s team on the case they have put forward to support its plans to expand its operations by two million passengers per year.

In the absence of clear and up-to-date information from the webpages offered by the inquiry administrator (Gateley/Hamer) and North Somerset Council, BAAN have produced this online space to aid media outlets in their coverage of the 10-week long Inquiry event.


The Basics:  Why, When, Where, Who and How?

  • Why is the Inquiry Happening?
  • Where is the Inquiry Being Held?
  • When?  Key Dates and Times of the Inquiry?
  • Who is Involved?  The Key Parties.
  • How To Get Involved

Bristol Airport Action Network: Who is involved?

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The aim of the inquiry is to deal with the appeal submitted by Bristol Airport Limited following the rejection back in February 2020 by North Somerset Council’s Planning and Strategy Committee of their original planning application for expansion from 10 million passengers per annum to 12 mppa

The Inquiry will examine the following areas:

a. The acceptability of the scheme with regard to adopted and emerging local and national policy;

b. The extent to which the development would harm the openness of the Green Belt and/or conflict with its purposes and the extent to which the harm to the Green Belt by reason of inappropriateness, and any other Green Belt harm, is clearly outweighed by other considerations, including very special circumstances.

c. The effects of the proposed development upon sustainable transport objectives, the highway network, highway safety and parking provision;

d. The effect of air pollution associated with the proposed development on health and quality of life;

e. The effect of noise associated with the proposed development on health and quality of life;

f. The impact of the proposed development on greenhouse gas emissions and the ability of the UK to meet its climate change obligations;

g. The extent to which the proposed development will deliver economic, social and/or other benefits;

Evidence will also cover air traffic forecasts and projections; socio-economic impacts and other health matters though it is considered that these are sub-issues within the main issues identified above.


The Inquiry starts on Tuesday 20th July and is expected to last some 10 weeks with an additional three weeks of breaks has been decided to allow participants a chance to have a holiday (*see dates below).  Therefore proceedings are due to end on Friday 15th October.

The Inquiry will officially open at 10.00hrs on 20 July 2021, though may start slightly earlier on subsequent days. Each day will finish no later than 17.00hrs. Lunch breaks will be scheduled around 13.00, with short mid-morning and afternoon breaks at suitable points in the proceedings. Note that Mondays will not be a sitting day. At least one evening session is promised for member of the public who want to address the Inquiry but cannot get access to the proceedings during the day.  To be confirmed

*Proceeding are estimated to take up to 13 weeks in total which includes a two week break scheduled from 16th to 30th August and a further one week break w/c 20 September 2021.

The outline of the Inquiry programme is as follows. Please note it is subject to change.

Week commencing
(NB no sittings on Mondays)
Running OrderKey BAAN Involvement
19th JulyOpening statements from all parties.
PCAA – Residential Amenity/PC Areas/B&NES Comments.
Local Residents Statements (22nd-23rd)
Opening Statement from
BAAN legal representative – Estelle Dehon
26th JulyForecasting Socio-economics 
2nd AugustNoise Air Quality 
9th AugustAir Quality (continued) Health 
16th AugustBREAK 
23rd AugustBREAK (Inspector Site Visit) 
30th AugustHighways 
6th SeptemberClimate ChangeEvidence from BAAN Witnesses – Professor Kevin Anderson (University of Manchester/Tyndall Centre) and Finlay Asher (Green Sky Thinking)
13th SeptemberGreen Belt & Landscape 
20th SeptemberBREAK 
27th SeptemberPlanning Balance
Conditions & S106 (Round Table Session)
Evidence from BAAN Witness – Sam Hunter Jones (Client Earth)
4 OctoberClosings Statements from all parties.
Compulsory Purchase Order
Closing Statement from
BAAN legal representative – Estelle Dehon
11th OctoberCompulsory Purchase Order
For overrunning


The Inquiry will be held physically at the New Council Chamber at Weston-Super-Mare’s Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, WSM.  BS23 1UJ. 

Due to COVID-19 the event will be ‘blended’ which means access will be available via Microsoft Teams for the key parties involved as well as members of the public who have applied to speak at the event.  The planning inspectorate have insisted that public access will be made available in accordance with COVID-19 rules in force at the time.


The Panel of Inspectors appointed to conduct the Inquiry comprises

  • Mr Phillip Ware BSc (Hons) DipTP MRTPI (Lead),
  • Mrs Claire Searson MSc PGDip BSc (Hons) MRTPI IHBC and
  • Mr Dominic Young JP BSc (Hons) MA MRTPI MIHE.

Bristol Airport Limited (BAL) is the ‘appellant’ and North Somerset Council (NSC) is the ‘defendant’ – being forced to defend the overwhelming decision by its Councillors who listened to local opinion and rejected the airport’s original planning application on 10th February 2020.

Parties with ‘Rule 6’ status are groups and organisations who have applied to be an integral part of the Inquiry because they have a particular interest in the proceedings. They have the entitlement to present evidence to the Inquiry and interrogate that evidence presented by Airport’s witnesses/experts. The Rule 6 parties are represented by their legal team and have organised evidence from a number of experts who will present their case during proceedings.

The Rule 6 Parties involved in the Inquiry are:

  • Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN)
  • British Airlines Pilots Association (BALPA)
  • Parish Councils Airport Association (PCAA)
  • Sutherland Properties and Legal Services
  • XR Elders

Each party’s Statement of Case are available on the Gateley/Hamer website.  See here.


It is suggested that the media representatives get in touch with Joanna Vincent to enquire about press attendance during the Inquiry.  She can be contacted via email at  or by phone – Tel: 07483 133975   

The Inquiry will be live streamed and individual sessions will be recorded for later viewing.  The live stream link is due to be posted here

About BAAN – Who Is Involved?

Who are the people directly involved with the BAAN Rule 6 Party?

Legal Representative

Estelle Dehon – BAAN’s Legal Representative (Cornerstone Barristers)


  • Kevin Anderson – Chair of Energy and Climate Change, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, University of Manchester. Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.
  • Finlay Asher – founder of Green Sky Thinking
  • Sam Hunter Jones – Solicitor from Client Earth

BAAN’s Core Group include: 

Stephen Clarke, Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke, James Collett, Mary Collett, Jackie Head, Mark Smalley and Richard Baxter. 

Please note the BAAN group involves many individuals

Website and Social Media Links

BAAN’s Website aims to carry the most up-to-date information on the Inquiry with regular reports of the proceedings. See here

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BANN Spokespeople – Contact details

For further information regarding BAAN’s campaign please contact

Stephen Clarke.  Tel: 07876 740864

Richard Baxter.  Tel: 07795 435576