Climate activists are adamant that the latest report released today by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gives an unanswerable reason to reject Bristol […]

21 July – Let The People Speak

Day 2:  The Inquiry has set aside 3 days for hearing statements from representatives of the local Parish Councils and from interested parties who object […]

20th July: BAAN Barrister Gives Opening Statement

BAAN’s barrister, Estelle Dehon, gave her opening statement to the inquiry, following that of Bristol Airport’s representative. You can watch the full statement below

19th July – On the night before opening….

Imagine the excitement, we realised today that at least 77% of the public speakers over this first week of the Bristol Airport Expansion Planning application […]

The Cover Story of Recovery:

“Aviation will weather the Covid crisis just like other crises” The truth: Aviation is trying to ignore the climate crisis, which will be bigger than […]


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