Airport Greenwash

Bristol airport recognises they have a huge problem with the emissions from flights increasing climate change. But they are determined to justify expansion at any cost, so their solution is to use disinformation tactics to imply it is addressing the climate emergency.

The tobacco industry successfully delayed action against smoking, and the oil companies successfully delayed action on climate for decades. Aviation, like other carbon-heavy sectors, is fighting for its survival in a world that’s recognising we must change very quickly.

All the stories and narratives being put out are no accident, but part of a campaign to paint aviation and Bristol airport as a friendly force for good. Here we get into the detail of how to identify and refute this narrative.

We have identified 10 ways that aviation in general and Bristol airport in particular seek to promote the narrative that they are addressing the need to transition to a low carbon economy.

It’s important to spot these myths when they are put out in the media. On the next 10 pages each myth is exposed, with background facts and details to help us all understand the scale of the problem.