Leading up to the Inquiry

Pre-May Local Elections. How could WECA as an authority support airport expansion when two of its constituent authorities (B&NES and Bristol City Council) object to the plans?
In January/February local people had an opportunity to respond to the Airport’s revised environmental statement. 96% of people who wrote into the North Somerset Council objected to the new plans – represented by 96 pairs of shoes.
BAAN made the documentary Bristol Airport: The Plane Truth to tell the story of the role of local people power and democracy in refusing the airport permission to expand.
Over 300 people lined up observing social distancing for the funeral-style march to Bristol Airport from Felton Common – August 2020.
Landing Crew member
Red Rebels and Landing Crew add colour to the sombre funeral march from Felton Common to the A38 roundabout at the entrance to Bristol Airport.
We feel Bristol Airport is big enough. BAAN take the message to outside the Airport terminal