19th July – On the night before opening….

Imagine the excitement, we realised today that at least 77% of the public speakers over this first week of the Bristol Airport Expansion Planning application Public Inquiry object to airport expansion.

77% it’s a magic number … hold it in mind… it’s just over 3/4 of the total if you prefer a fraction…

When Bristol Airport first put in a planning application to increase their capacity by 2 million people a year, there were 11507 comments on the North Somerset Planning website: higher than for any other planning application..ever.

Of these  8931 were objections…that’s…. wait for it… 77%.

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The original application attracted an amazing 11,507 comments, 77% of which were objections which amounted to a million words.

So, just in case there are gaps in the line up, you heard it here first… 77% of the public speakers in this first week are against expansion: a perfect reflection of the % who objected originally.

Of course it’s not the only magic number 

84% … that’s the % of North Somerset  residents (living nearest to the airport) commenting  who objected . The North Somerset Councillors really were representing their constituents when they turned it down, weren’t they?

93%…. That’s the % of comments that were objections from the Chew Valley, directly impacted by flight paths and rat runs through villages for cars travelling to and from the airport

85%….that’s the number of comments that were objections from Bristol residents… who know so well about the impact of air pollution

99%….that’s the % of comments from Bath residents who objected, good job B&NES is so on the ball about the Climate and Nature emergency then

You can still register your desire to speak and do so later in the inquiry…. Want to speak next week?… we would love to hear from businesses, academics, planners and forecasters, people who want proper green jobs, not uncertain ones which rely on the oil industry and are likely to become automated and phased out when airports become the white elephant building projects of the Climate & Nature Emergency.  Anyone can make a case for the negative socio-economic impact of expansion, you don’t need to be an expert, just someone with a story to tell and the willingness to give up 3 minutes to stop the Inspectors making a big mistake…

To register a desire to object contact letting her know if you will attend in person or virtually via microsoft teams

Blogger: Jackie-in-her-box

Jackie is a member of the BAAN Co-ordinating Committee who can’t attend the Inquiry in person as the risk of COVID is higher for her. She will be watching though and blogging about what she sees.

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