Bristol Airport: The Plane Truth – Premiere

How local activists came together to fight the corporate greed of the local airport that was looking to expand … and won!

After many months in the making and with much of it put together during COVID lockdown, the film Bristol Airport: The Plane Truth was premiered on the 10th February 2021. There was real significance about the date because it was exactly a year to the day that the original decision to reject the airport’s planning application was made by North Somerset Council’s Planning and Scrutiny Committee.

The 35-minute film follows the year-long campaign pulled together by BAAN and uses video footage, livestreaming, photos and newspaper cuttings as well as interviews with some of the key players who were involved in organising the variety of events. It was painstakingly weaved together by David Mathias with the help of Peter Brownlee and Sue Western. It is hoped the film will inspire other groups to oppose those people and businesses who continue to seek to profit from climate-wrecking activities.

Over 65 people attended the premiere screening and in the first week since its release over 850 views of the documentary have been made. Initial reaction from the first major viewing were very favourable and has provided an essential tool in encouraging people to write objections to the Planning Inspectorate as part of the appeal. For more information on how you can object please go to

Comments left in the chat following the film premiere on Weds 10th February 2021 Suzanne – Fantastic ! • Jo – An absolutely brilliant inspiring film, well done. • Katie – Fantastic film about a powerful and important campaign!! • Melanie – Absolutely brilliant. I so enjoyed this. • Corinne – Great documentary! • James – Well done David M. This could not have happened without your massive effort and creativity x • Alison – Great to get this complete overview – thanks to everyone who contributed. • Hannah – So great to have the film, to have that record and also to inspire others. Thanks David and thanks to everyone for such a great campaign. Very inspiring. • Mavis – Thank you so much for making this fantastic record for the future as well as the past. Will be writing my objection now! • Helen – Absolutely brilliant Thank you all very much. • Steve – Thank you for a great event this evening. • Liz – Great film and campaigning and people. • Alison Amazing. David – Thanks, guys. Todd and Liz – Thanks. Ali – So Inspiring

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