A Valentine’s Day Letter to the North Somerset Councillors Who Voted Against Bristol Airport

Dear Councillors Bridger, Cherry, Cronnelly, Crockford-Hawley, Cartman, Davies, Gardner, Gibbons, Hearne, Hogg, Keating, Ley-Morgan, McQuillan, Petty, Payne, Solomon, Snaden, Treadaway, and Westwood. 

We at Bristol Airport Action Network write this letter of love and thanks to you and to the many thousands of people across the south west who think that Bristol Airport is big enough. 

Last February, you took the courageous decision to refuse planning permission to Bristol Airport in their efforts to expand capacity from 10 million to 12 million passengers a year. 

The word ‘courageous’ is not an exaggeration here. North Somerset Council’s own planning officers had recommended the plans be approved. It would have been a easier option to have gone along with the planning officers’ decision. 

Yet you chose to disregard this, opting instead to represent the overwhelming democratic opposition to the airport. 

You chose to say no to 1,000,000 tonnes of extra CO2 per year

You chose to say no to 4,000 extra night flights a year, with the associated health impacts for nearby residents.

You chose to say no to congested roads and polluted air from an extra 10,000 vehicle movements per day.

You chose to say no to biodiversity loss in the Green Belt, destined to be a car park.

You chose to say no to greenwash and false promises. 

You chose, above all, to prioritize climate and environmental considerations above the short-term benefits of infrastructure projects. 

In these choices, you stood for what is right and just. You stood for a better, fairer, greener and more loving world. And you stood for all of us who share this vision. 

Today we write this letter to show our gratitude and our support, and to assure you that we stand by you now to defend your decision against Bristol Airport’s appeal. 

Yours with love and rage, 

Bristol Airport Action Network.

One reply on “A Valentine’s Day Letter to the North Somerset Councillors Who Voted Against Bristol Airport”

Much respect and gratitude to all the BANN networks for their collective hard work. We must stop the expansion and work for a reduction if we want a future for the planet.


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