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Leeds Bradford Airport Given Go-ahead in Council Vote

Yesterday (11th Feb) Leeds City Council met to decide on the proposed expansion plans for Leeds Bradford Airport.

The plans would see LBA increase passenger numbers increase from 4 million to 7 million per year, allow unlimited night flights, and allow LBA to expand its car park.

BAAN has watched the LBA story develop with a keen eye, as it is in many ways a carbon copy of our own experience campaigning against Bristol Airport expansion, with many of the same (false and misleading) arguments being made by the airport.

Unfortunately for Leeds (and the UK) the story has come to a different conclusion this time with LCC voting 9-5 in favour of LBA’s plans.

Whilst this is not an unconditional green light, and opportunities remain to challenge the decision, it is a blow to efforts across the UK to limit airport expansion (as the Committee for Climate Change, the government’s statutory advisors on climate change, say we must).

It is also a grave embarrassment for the country as we prepare to host COP26 later this year. With this decision coming almost simultaneously with the announcement that the French government has scrapped plans to expand Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, the UK’s position as a leader on climate is made increasing tenuous.

Whilst the LCC decision is not the one we were hoping for, it does give us renewed motivation to continue our fight here in Bristol. Bristol Airport is appealing the decision of North Somerset Council to refuse planning permission for expansion. We must fight and win this appeal to show that Bristol and the UK are committed to tackling this crisis.

You can read a statement on LCC’s decision on the GALBA (Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport) here: Press Release: GALBA’s Response to LBA Decision

If you would like to object to Bristol Airport expansion, click here.

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