Greenwash Myth Busting Resource

Greenwash Myth 7 – Carbon Capture

Sustainable Aviation – the industry’s green flagship organisation – has graphs on its website showing 35% of all aviation emissions being balanced out by CCUS by 2050 ( ). Their documents speak about it in the present tense, when in reality it’s still at the lab stage. CCUS has been talked about for decades but is hardly any closer to manifesting. There are huge unresolved questions about how to store it underground in an effective way. So relying on it at this point is like driving a car at high speed towards a brick wall and hoping someone will invent a braking mechanism.

As with offsetting, CCUS is a distraction from the near-impossibility of significantly reducing aviation emissions. Kevin Anderson and Glen Peters say: “Negative emission technologies are not an insurance policy but rather an unjust and high-stakes gamble” ( ).

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