Who we are

We are the coordinating committee of an unpaid volunteer community group-Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN) who are determined to challenge the airport’s appeal.

The original planning committee hearing was in February 2020 and we helped to mobilise residents. 84% of North Somerset residents who made comments rejected the expansion and over 8,000 formal objections were submitted on the planning website The result was that the local councillors overwhelmingly rejecting the plans at a public committee hearing. However, the airport refuse to accept this democratic decision and have now publicly announced that they intend to appeal.

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Hi. I was one of the objectors to the Airport Expansion. I have therefor been notified of new submissions being put to the Planning Inspector Team by BAL.

I am opposed to the expansion because of the environmental impact including C02 and other greenhouse gas emmissions, dangerous airpollution including from more road traffic and more noise. I would welcome help in challenging BAL’s detailed assertions. The deadline for submissions is 6th January.


Hi BAAN members. The BAL addendum to the planning application appeal for Bristol City Airport addresses most of the grounds for opposing the airport expansion. These include air pollution, co2 and other green house gas emissions, noise, increased road traffic and disruption during the construction. The addendum is an attempt to dismiss these objections. They are allowed to submit to the Planning Inspectors because the covid virus crisis has altered the projections. Passenger numbers per annum are now predicted to reach 12 million, 2 million more than the currently permitted cap by 2030 not 2026. People are already suffering now from the noise and pollution effects of flights and traffic on the routes to the airport.

Further submissions have to reach the Inspectors by 6th December to be considered. Do you have somebody to make those submissions? Can you let me have reports on the damage caused by the airport and its expansion? I am only one objector and I live in Easton quite a long way from the airport.

Chris Gwyntopher


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